custom commercial wrapped van

Get the Attention You Deserve Wherever You Go with a Commercial Vehicle Wrap

Think about it for a moment, and you can probably remember a commercial vehicle with a great design on the side. During your travels, you’ve likely seen one that has stuck with you because of the high-quality workmanship, a creatively designed logo, and text that stands out from the rest.

If you haven’t, start looking. Commercial vehicles everywhere use vehicle wraps to their advantage. Notice what you like and what you don’t. Observe what makes them stand out and whether your competition is already using this tactic.

Now imagine what a commercial vehicle wrap could do for your business. Imagine your business’s name getting into the heads of bored drivers or passersby when you’re parked on the street, or the professionalism your fleet will exude.

When they’re performed by expert technicians, vinyl wraps become an advertising investment that keeps on giving back. Ultimate Graphics Studio, a leading team for vehicle wraps near you, can up your advertising game with this key add-on for your vehicles.

Add Custom Vehicle Wraps to Your Advertising Strategy

You’ve likely already invested in advertising for your business. You may have a commercial on TV, a website, a billboard, and digital or print media ads. These are all incredibly effective ways to advertise to potential customers.

However, your advertising strategy isn’t complete without a wrap from the top team for commercial vehicle wraps near you. Here are just a few of the reasons why a wrap is a powerful way to advertise:

  • Cover more ground: Wherever you drive, your advertising comes along with you. When you’re parked, running an errand, out on the job, driving on 287 or 95, your ad gets seen everywhere. No one has to turn on their TV or scroll their phone. Your vehicle is right there alongside a captive audience, advertising your business.


  • Make the investment and let advertising do the rest: Once you make the initial investment in your wrap, it’s only a matter of reaping the rewards from there. You don’t have to update it, tweak it, or do any other form of maintenance. Once your commercial wrap is installed on your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, it requires no extra time or financial investment.


  • Show the people who you are: A clean, uniform fleet of vehicles with commercial wraps says a lot about your business. First, your wrap reminds people that you’re out in the community serving customers. Second, this makes your business appear organized and attractive. People put their trust in a business when they get regular, positive exposure to it. A commercial vehicle wrap gives you added credibility in the marketplace, something that every business can use.

Our Many Options for Commercial Vehicle Wraps

A custom vehicle wrap is just that: customizable. Ultimate Graphics Studio allows you to make individualized design choices to suit your business needs. Consider these options when you select vinyl wrap installation from Ultimate Graphics Studio:

  1. Full wraps give you space and freedom to get your message out there, including digital graphics, vinyl lettering, and decals.
  2. Partial wraps are a more affordable option that can still make an impact in just a small amount of space.
  3. Spot graphics provide an opportunity to personalize and customize your vehicle to simply communicate your brand.
  4. USDOT decals keep your over-the-road vehicle compliant.

Each of these options allows you creative control over what you want to say to your customers and how you say it. We design all our lettering, digital graphics, and decals right in our studio. Visit Ultimate Graphics Studio’s commercial vehicle wrap page to view examples of everything we have to offer.

Get Started On a Vinyl Wrap to Benefit Your Business Today

Commercial vehicle wraps offer many benefits without any downsides. You’re only limited by your willingness to take advantage of this powerful advertising method.

If you’re stuck on design ideas, Ultimate Graphics Studio will guide you through the process. We help you choose a design that works for your business, based on our years of experience taking our customers to the next level with custom vehicle wraps.

All you need to do is contact the best North Jersey team for vehicle wraps near you to get a free quote. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the process. You can even chat with us right on our website or by calling (833) 858-4321. We can’t wait to get your commercial wrap out on the road!

February 14, 2024 — Juan C Espinoza