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Treat Your Ride to the Best Paint Protection Film on the Market

If you own a luxury vehicle, you know the effort it takes to keep it in perfect condition. You do everything you can to ensure that dings, dents, and dirt won’t affect “your baby.”

You park in the furthest spot so no one scratches your car. You use valet service. You give your car a rigorous inspection after every drive and drape it with a car cover. It’s hard work to get around in your vehicle without some form of wear and tear.

However, you can get even more protection for your vehicle with Ultimate Graphics Studio’s paint protection film. Our precise technology completely covers your car with a fresh layer of polyurethane film that shields your vehicle from the sun, scratches, minor dings, and more.

What Luxury Car Drivers Need to Know About Paint Protection Film

Luxury car drivers don’t hand their vehicle over to just anyone for an aftermarket upgrade like car paint protection film. You need to know if this service is truly worth it. At Ultimate Graphics Studio, we respect how luxury car drivers think because we love our vehicles, too.

Keep reading as we answer the biggest questions that luxury vehicle owners have about paint protection film.

What is paint protection film made from and how is it applied?

Paint protection film is made from clear, flexible polyurethane. It is applied by using state-of-the-art plotters to cut precise measurements for your specific vehicle, based on the angles and curves of its body panels. You end up with a seamless match that perfectly overlays your vehicle’s exterior. We then sealed it with a premium adhesive that doesn’t damage your original paint.

Will it affect the paint on my vehicle?

The straight answer is no. Paint protection film, when installed by a trusted team like Ultimate Graphics Studio, is a completely clean, harmless process. We only offer services that enhance our customer’s vehicles. That’s our commitment to you.

Can I remove paint protection film?

Yes. Paint protection film for your luxury vehicle can be completely removed with the right technique. Rely on Ultimate Graphics Studio when you plan to remove it, and don’t opt for a DIY job or a less-experienced shop.

What makes Ultimate Graphics Studio’s installation technique different?

Ultimate Graphics Studio only uses the best paint protection film in the industry, as well as the latest tech for cutting the film to your car’s specifications. We’ve studied and refined our technique through years of experience.

How Luxury Vehicles Benefit from Paint Protection Film

Luxury vehicles deserve luxury treatment. That’s why it’s worth your time to visit exceptional technicians for car paint protection film. You already know the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” and this certainly holds true when it comes to vehicle upgrades. Ultimate Graphics Studio is no stranger to superior vehicles. We serve owners of all luxury manufacturers’ vehicles, including Porsche, Tesla, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and more. Each vehicle that visits our shop for the best paint protection film gets first-class service and the utmost care. Here’s how you and your vehicle will benefit:
    • A shield for your luxury vehicle: Paint protection film protects your car from ice-melt or salt, scratches, and minor dings, such as from rocks, door edges, and other debris.
    • Protection that heals itself: Paint protection film is made with self-healing technology, so your vehicle continues to look perfect, even after impact.
    • Guard against damaging Jersey sun: UV rays are often a concern for those who want to keep their car’s exterior in excellent condition. Paint protection film blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing color fading over time
    • Pick and choose: We offer paint protection for your entire vehicle, or for selected parts, including front-end and windshield coverage
    • Protect your car’s value: Maintain the resale value of your vehicle by keeping your original exterior in like-new condition.

Make Ultimate Graphics Studio Your Partner for Paint Protection Film

Ultimate Graphics Studio leverages the best technology and techniques to ensure your paint protection film is seamlessly installed. You won’t even notice that any changes have been made to your car. However, you’re certain to recognize the benefits as you take your car out on the road.

Get a free quote on car paint protection film from Ultimate Graphics Studio. We’ll schedule you for an installation appointment, so you can enjoy your car even more without the fear of damage that other drivers experience.

Contact us online or call us at (833) 858-4321 for the very best paint protection film for your luxury vehicle.

February 01, 2024 — Juan C Espinoza